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Passport Apostille

Do you need to apostille your passport?

Have you been asked to apostille your passport to confirm your identity in a foreign country?  We are here to help you!

For apostille purpose you need to notarize copy of your passport. Please be advised that notary requirements vary State by State. Please note that we do not process online/digital notarization.  We must receive the original signed and properly notarized copies.

If you are out of the country, you will have to visit. US Embassy/Consulate for notary services.

To notarize the copy of your passport, please follow these instructions

  1. Make a copy of your passport
  2. Make an appointment with notary. Most bank have notary on stuff.
  3. On a copy of the document please make a statement such as: I certify this is true/unaltered copy of my passport. Please sign and date it. The notary will witness your signature and notarize it.

Please be advised that some states allow notaries to certify the copies of documents.

Once you receive the notarized document, we will be happy to assist you with an apostille.

Please call us at 516-231-4423 or email at info@apostille247.com