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Myths about Apostille/Legalization
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Myths about Apostille/Legalization

Getting your document apostilled/legalized sometimes can be very confusing and stressful. After all, there are so many websites quoting different information, how do you know what to believe? Here are the most common myths.

Foreign documents can be legalised in the USA:
This is not true. Documents must be legalized in the country of origin. For example if you have Italian birth certificate , that the document must be apostilled in Italy.

Vital record must be signed by Notary:
This is not true. Vital record can not be notarized. The only exception in New Hampshire.

NYC birth certificate or death certificate must accompany with letter of exemplification for an apostille. Even if you have long form of birth certificate it is not enough.

Apostille on copies:
You can not apostille photocopy of vital records. Please obtain certified copy for authentication.

Can you authenticate a document that has been signed by Virginia Electronic Notary Public?
At this time , Secretary of the Commonwealth can not authenticate an electronic notarization with an apostille.

The US embassy can issue the Apostille Certificate:
In the United States, the Secretary of State and the Deputy Secretary of State of the individual U.S States provide the Apostille

A lot of authorities overseas are presented with documents which contain a red seal or sticker attached and this is often considered to be part of the apostille. This is a common misunderstanding, the red seal is often added by a solicitor or notary public when certifying the document. Some legalisation service providers may add a red sticker to your document, however, this does not change the legal standing of your document. In short, this is not required on every document which is legalised with the apostille.