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Do you need an apostille on your FBI background check?

Most countries will accept an FBI background check issued within the past three/six months. If your background check is older that, most likely you will have to obtain new FBI. Please double check with target authorities.

FBI Channelers can issue a digital copy of your background check in a PDF Format and a hard copy. The digital copy can be e-mailed to you while the hard copy will be physically mailed to your address. If you are in a foreign country, be sure to request a digital copy to save time and money.

Digital copy in a PDF format is sufficient for an apostille. Please email it to info@apostille247.com for further processing.

If you decide to mail in your FBI background check, the address is listed on Contact US section.


For a list of approved channelers please visit: https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/compact-council/list-of-approved-channelers


Please call us at 516-231-4423 or email: info@apostille247.com if you have any questions