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China Embassy Legalization/China Work Visa/ China Employment Z Visa
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China Embassy Legalization/China Work Visa/ China Employment Z Visa

Are you planning to work in China and need China Embassy legalization services? Do you require legalization of your diploma and FBI background check? We provide Chinese Embassy certification, legalization, and attestation service. China is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention. So legalization process for this country requires multiple steps. And we are here to help you!

In order to process your documents for China we require notarized diploma and FBI record. FBI record can be submitted as PDF.

In order to authenticate a transcript or diploma you need to contact Registrar’s office and request notarized duplicate/replacement of your diploma/transcript. Please make sure that the authorized officer of the school makes a statement on the back of the document and the statement tis duly notarized. Please be advised that the statement can be on a separate page with school letterhead if they can’t put in on the back.

The Chinese Embassy has strict requirements so please make sure email the document for review first. Our trained stuff will review the document and provide you with detailed instructions.

Attesting documents for China can be complicated and time consuming. Your paperwork could be rejected costing you time and money. Don’t let this happen to you! We are here to help you!

Please call us at 516-231-4423 or email: info@apostille247.com