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Working Abroad
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Working Abroad

If you are a US citizen and want to work in Korea as an English teacher, there are several documents that you will need to collect before you can secure a job offer or an E-2 visa.

One of them is an FBI Criminal Background Check also called a Criminal History Summary (stating no criminal record found) and with Apostille. To speed up the process of obtaining FBI you can use one of the channelers. In 2011, the FBI began contracting specific companies to submit requests electronically in order to expedite the process for individuals who need results. These FBI selected businesses are known as Approved FBI Channelers. The channeler will submit the record request to the FBI electronically, and the applicant receives back a copy of their FBI Criminal History Record.

Please visit www.fbi.gov for a list of approved channelers. In most cases once you submit your application, your results will be available for viewing/printing within 30 hours of having completed the fingerprint capture process. A hard copy of the results can be obtained by printing directly from the web portal or selecting the mail option when initially submitting your request. Results will only be mailed to the applicant.

The only instance in which you can have results sent to someone else is to your attorney. In this case, your attorney would need to submit a request to us on their letterhead, with both your and your attorney’s signatures on the same document, along with the application, fingerprints, and payment.