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A Certified U.S. Driving Record
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A Certified U.S. Driving Record

When driving in a foreign country with a U.S. issued driver’s license, you still must show that your license is valid. A Certified U.S. Driving Record, also known as an Abstract of driving record, is a document issued by the State Department of Motor Vehicles that serves as proof to other countries that you are qualified to drive in the United States.

In most cases person needs to apply for Abstract of driving record himself but it can also be ordered online in most cases. If you are traveling abroad and are required to provide proof of your driver’s license to a foreign authority that will not accept the apostilled copy of your license, you can go online to your Department of Motor Vehicle’s page and order a Abstract of driving record. Be sure to order a certified copy, which can be apostilled and used abroad. If you cannot order online, call your state’s DMV and ask if you can mail a request for the abstract.

If you have additional questions about obtaining a Certified Driving record/Driver Abstract, feel free to contact us.